Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New Webpage

Thank you for visiting my blog, I haven't forgotten to update my page, I have a new webpage which new locations aplenty.  A little behind on updating, but this will be a constant work in progress.

Hope to see you there.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, thank you for all for taking the time to look at my page! I haven't forgotten about the page, been pretty busy with the holidays. I am keeping my Flickr page up to date as best I can, so please hit the link at the top of the page to see more of my explores! Thanks Stussy

Monday, 10 December 2012

Scotland's Abandoned Theme Park

Visited here in the summer and never got round to posting a report anywhere, its been flogged to death on many other forums so here is a few from my visit.

Visited here in the on a early in the morning on a such beautifully sunny day (this was the second explore of the day, the first was a quick visit to see a abandoned Rolls Royce). Being so early in the morning we thought we would have more time to explore before the (so called) caretaker of the grounds went about his business.

The Twist and Shout
Twist & Shout 1
Twist & Shout 4
Twist & Shout 5
Twist & Shout 6

Barn Stormer
Apologies for the shit picture, the sun was so bright looking in the other direction that I blew out the whole photo in both directions about 20 times, this was my best effort
Barn Stormer 1
Barn Stormer 2

Loggers Leap
Loggers Leap

Probably my favourite pic of the day
Loggers Leap 1

Power was still on too most of the rides suprisingly
Loggers Leap 3
Loggers Leap 4

The Plough
Plough 1
Plough 4

Just as I took this shot the caretaker arrived and asked us to leave
Plough 3

So as we left there was only one coaster left to take a pic of..
Roller coaster 1

We didn't find a way into the enclosed courtyard with all the smaller kids rides, will maybe have to arrange a permission visit

Thanks for looking

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Merchiston Hospital

Part of a late summer road trip with a JFR420 (Flickr), ended up here very early in the morning in the heavy rain, so no externals, which is probably a good thing, as they are not very pretty!

Merchiston Hospital Administrative/Biographical History

Broadfield Hospital was opened in 1925 and catered for mentally deficient men. Broadstone House was purchased by Paisley Burgh in 1929 to accommodate mentally deficient females and juveniles. Broadfield and Broadstone were administered as a single hospital. In 1946, Broadfield was sold to the Port Glasgow Town Council, who cleared the site. Paisley Burgh bought Merchiston House as a replacement and patients were moved there in 1948. This facility was known as Broadfield Hospital, Merchiston Unit. In 1958 two new wings were added providing an extra 70 beds. In 1979 Merchiston was redeveloped with four 30-bedded units built to a modern bungalow design. The hospital closed in 2007-2008

Site Map, Its a fairly large complex, not all the buildings were accessible, but the generally they were all trashed and raided by the metal thieves.
Merchiston Overview

The first building be entered luckily enough contained the Padded Rooms

Padded Rooms 1
Padded Rooms 2
Padded Rooms 3
Padded Rooms 4

The next stop was the main building complex, it was partially used as a Doctors surgery with many small offices off the long corridors, sadly all trashed and not much worth taking photo of

The main hall contained a small stage and pool tables, but it was extremely dark in here!
Merchiston 1

Also found the Dentists chair which was a suprise!
Dentists chair 1
Dentists chair 2
Dentists chair 3
Dentists chair 4

Physiotherapy Gym Hall
Gym Hall

The Laundry Deptartment
Driers 2
Driers 1
Ironing 1
Ironing 2

The last stop for us had to be the Chapel and Morgue, sadly not much was left now
Morgue chapel
Morgue 1

Monday, 26 November 2012

East Fortune Hospital

After a failure at a couple locations, headed here as a last resort to see what this former hospital near Edinburgh held in store...

East Fortune began life in 1915 as part of a WW1 airbase to defeat incoming German Zepplins.  In 1922 several buildings and an area of land were used to create East Fortune Hospital. This served as a tuberculosis sanatorium for the south east region of Scotland until the onset of World War II. The airfield was then brought back into service as RAF East Fortune, initially a training airfield, and the hospital patients were transferred to Bangour Hospital in West Lothian. The hospital re-opened after the war, but by 1956, as the number of tuberculosis patients began to fall, the hospital changed its function to house the mentally handicapped. In 1997, the hospital closed down, and its patients were transferred to Roodlands Hospital in Haddington.

East Fortune Hospital - The main building complex
EF Exts 1

The Kitchen still has quite a few remaining features too heavy for the pikeys too lift
EF Kitchen 1

The Cookers
EF Cooker 2
EF Cooker 3
EF Cooker 1

No idea what this is!
EF Kitchen 2

Pressure Cooker
EF P Cooker 2

Dietary blackboard
EF Blackboard

Little bit of respect please...
EF Respect

Cool hospital bed, not many of these kicking about derelict sites
EF Bed 3

Massive dishwasher, defo need this for my home!
EF Dish Washer

This room must of had at least a hundred mattresses!
EF Bed Room

The Boiler-house chimney
EF Chimney

The Boiler Room (these pics are courtesy of JFR420 (on Flickr) cause am too much of a bloater to fit through the door!
EF Engine

The Boiler-house valves and pipes
EF Engine 1

The Boilers are massive
EF Engine 2
EF Engine 3

The hospital complex is made up of so many smaller un-linked wards and outbuildings, mostly sealed up though.
EF Ext 3
EF Ext 2
EF Ext 5
EF Ext 6
EF Ext 7
EF Ext 8

The heavens open right after this shot and we took refuge in the old ambulance workshop
EF Ext 9
EF Shed 1

Inside contained the famous wheelchair
EF W.Chair 1
EF W.Chair 2